UK & Ireland Marathon List

Last updated - 9th September 2014

Event Notes Excluded Events
2014 For a list of Other marathons in Ireland plus West & East Series please check
100 Marathon Club Ireland list and the East of Ireland Marathons.
13Sep14 Heroes Challenge , Great Barrow Challenge, Birmingham Canal Canter , Wistanstow Challenge
14Sep14 CHESTERFIELD, Bacchus, Purbeck , Ponton Plod, Dunstable Downs
20Sep14 Harvest Hobble, GREAT LANGDALE , Helly Hansen Beauty & The Beast
21Sep14 Farnham Pilgrims (MT) , HEREFORD
24Sep14 The Tolkien Run
27Sep14 Born Survivor , Causeway Coast, Cotsword Challenge
28Sep14 BARNSTAPLE , LOCH NESS, ROBIN HOOD , MOOATHON  , Monster Marathon , Bath Two Tunnels
03Oct14 VO Atlantic Coast Chall (TR)
04Oct14 VO Atlantic Coast Chall (TR), Where Ravens Dare , Dave Lewis Challenge
05Oct14 VO Atlantic Coast Chall (TR), JERSEY , BOURNEMOUTH, CHESTER, Glencoe , Clarendon Way , MABLETHORPE , Flower of Suffolk (OR/ldwa) Salomon Kielder (TR) Flower of Suffolk (OR/ldwa)
11Oct14 Fowlmead Challenge
12Oct14 YORKSHIRE MARATHON, ISLE OF WIGHT  , Forest of Dean , Spires & Steeples Challenge (OR)
18OCt14 Trailscape Essex Marathon
19Oct14 DARTMOOR VALE , ABINGDON , Eden Marathon Chelmsford Parks Marathon  Founders Challenge
25Oct14 Beachy Head (TR), SNOWDONIA , Bassetlaw Bash , Suffolk CTS
26Oct14 Brentwood Running Festival  , Greensand (MT) LEICESTER , Northumberland Castles
27Oct14 DUBLIN
28Oct14 Enigma Three Lakes Challenge
29Oct14 Enigma Three Lakes Challenge
30Oct14 Enigma Three Lakes Challenge
01Nov14 Spooky Halloween Challenge (Form) - Pumpkin Marathon (Form) Thames Meander
02Nov14 STEVENAGE, November Nightmare, Rivington Trail , NEWCASTLE TOWN MOOR
03Nov14 November Nightmare
04Nov14 November Nightmare
05Nov14 November Nightmare
06Nov14 November Nightmare
07Nov14 November Nightmare, Fox @ 42k
08Nov14 Hardmoors 26.2 Series , Enigma Fireworks (Full)
09Nov14 Enigma Fireworks (Full)
12Nov14 Hell of a Hill Marathon 1 (TR)
13Nov14 Hell of a Hill Marathon 2 (TR)
14Nov14 Hell of a Hill Marathon 3 (TR)
15Nov14 AUTUMN SHAKESPEARE , Hell of a Hill Marathon 4 (TR) Gower CTS
16Nov14 Shillington Shuffle (Ldwa,Beds), Hell of a Hill Marathon 5 (TR) A20 PATH N' DOWNS , CORNISH, Broadway
22Nov14 Maravan Double , Kirkstall Abbey Trail
23Nov14 Maravan Double , Phoenix Riverside (Form), Colworth Hare and Tortoise (Form),
29Nov14 Saxon Shore , December Double
30Nov14 Saxon Shore , December Double
05Dec14 Dymchurch Marathon Triple
06Dec14 Dymchurch Marathon Triple , Clonakilty Waterfront, Dorset CTS
07Dec14 Dymchurch Marathon Triple
10Dec14 Enigma Blues (Full)
13Dec14 Enigma Christmas (Full)
14Dec14 Enigma Christmas (Full)
21Dec14 Portsmouth Coastal Waterfront (MT) , 
27Dec14 The Sunrise to Sunset Challenge (Form)
31Dec14 Liverbird Marathon Double (Download Entry Form) , Flitch Way Marathon
01Jan15 Liverbird Marathon Double (Download Entry Form)
03Jan15 Engima Winter Marathon Double
04Jan15 Engima Winter Marathon Double
10Jan15 Martello Marathon 1
11Jan15 Martello Marathon 2
17Jan15 Anglesey CTS , Ranscombe Challenge - Winter (TBC)
24Jan15 Winter Viking Coastal Marathon 1
25Jan15 Winter Viking Coastal Marathon 2
05Feb15 Enigma Quadzilla
06Feb15 Enigma Quadzilla
07Feb15 Enigma Quadzilla , South Devon CTS
08Feb15 Enigma Quadzilla
14Feb15 Valentines Marathon
22Feb15 The Hugin Challenge , Heartbreak
26Feb15 Marathon Day Marathon
28Feb15 Northumberland CTS , South Shropshire Circular , Belvoir Challenge
01Mar15 Scottish Borders Marathon (TBC) , New Forest  ,
07Mar15 Groundhog Day Track Marathon , Golden Fleece
08Mar14 Chiltern Kanter , Thaxted Trail Marathon
14Mar15 Ranscombe Challenge - Spring (TBC)
15Mar15 Ranscombe Challenge - Spring (TBC), Larmer Tree
16Mar15 Week at the Knees
17Mar15 Week at the Knees
18Mar15 Week at the Knees
19Mar15 Week at the Knees
20Mar15 VO Jurassic Coast Chall   , Week at the Knees
21Mar15 VO Jurassic Coast Chall , Gin Pit Marathon / 100MC AGM Marathon , Week at the Knees , Sussex CTS , Charnwood  
22Mar15 VO Jurassic Coast Chall , Gin Pit Marathon , Week at the Knees
28Mar15 Three Shires  , Port of Dover Race Festival TBC
29Mar15 Devonshire Dumpling, Port of Dover Race Festival TBC
03Apr15 Bletchley Enigma
04Apr15 Easter run around the Reservoir 1
05Apr15 Easter run around the Reservoir 2
06Apr15 Enigma Free , Easter run around the Reservoir 3
11Apr15 Exmoor CTS , Bath Beat, Caythorpe Canter  
12Apr15 BRIGHTON, Pewsey Downsaround, CONNEMARA
23Apr15 St Georges Day Marathon
02May15 Pembrokeshire CTS
03May15 Three Forts
09May15 Bewl Water (MT)
17May15 WINDERMERE, Windermere Brathay 10in10, Richmond Park
23May15 Flete CTS, The Shin Dig In The Shire
24May15 The Ox
06Jun15 Summer Viking Coastal Marathon, Stour Valley Marathon
07Jun15 Summer Viking Coastal Marathon
13Jun15 Langport
14Jun15 LIVERPOOL ROCK N ROLL , Langport
20Jun15 Enigma Back to Front , South Downs
27Jun15 Midnight Marathon, Giants Head Marathon
04Jul15 Summer Enigma Double
05Jul15 Summer Enigma Double, Potteries Marathon (Entries Open October 3rd)
11Jul15 Ranscombe Challenge - Summer (TBC)
12Jul15 Ranscombe Challenge - Summer (TBC)
25Jul15 Summer run around the Reservoir 1
26Jul15 Summer run around the Reservoir 2, Fort William
02Aug15 Vanguard Way Marathon
16Aug15 Leila's Run
29Aug15 Enigma Reverse 
30Aug15 Enigma Reverse 
05Sep15 DINGLE
13Sep15 Hull (TBC)
10Oct15 Ranscombe Challenge - Autumn (TBC)
11Oct15 Ranscombe Challenge - Autumn (TBC)
07Nov15 Fireworks Enigma
08Nov15 Fireworks Enigma
12Dec15 Christmas Enigma 
13Dec15 Christmas Enigma 


******************* OLD DETAILS BELOW ******************

12Jan14 Cold Christmas
16Feb14 Hardmoors 26.2 Series
23Feb14 Grizedale Trail
01Mar14 Ras Dewi Sant - Coastal Path Marathon,
02Mar14 Steyning Stinger , Cambridge Boundary Run , Meadows
08Mar14 Bolton Hill Marathon 1 (TR)
09Mar14 Bolton Hill Marathon 2 (TR),
15Mar14 Run For Tomorrow Marathon 1 (Pitsford Water) (TR, Form) SPRING SHAKESPEARE
16Mar14 Run For Tomorrow Marathon 2 (Pitsford Water) (TR, Form), TRALEE (Ireland)
23Mar14 Loch Katrine Marathon
29Mar14 Buttons for Brathay Marathon (Full),
30Mar14 Buttons for Brathay Marathon (Full), Daffodil Dawdle (ldwa) , Tough Guy Marathon , Poets Path Potter Trail Marathon (Form) NEMC Marathon (Full), Pick and Mix
06Apr14 LOCHABER (no event in 2015) , Hardmoors 26.2 Series , TAUNTON
12Apr14 Calderdale Hike
13Apr14 Lords of the Isles Challenge, Essex Walker
18Apr14 Broadmeadow Good Friday
20Apr14 GbU Northampton Run Fest (MT) ,
27Apr14 SHAKESPEARE, KILDARE, South Downs (ldwa) Valleys & Views
03May14 Salcomble Coastal 
04May14 NORTH DORSET VILLAGE , Neolithic (MT) WORCESTER , LIMERICK , Heritage Coast (MT) ,
10May14 Excalibur Marathon , Christian Aid Walk (Herts) Ingleborough Marathon , Windmill Way Challenge
11May14 HALSTEAD , Stroud Trail
17May14 Clun Valley , (ldwa) WHITE PEAK , Keswick Trail Marathon, Orpington Marafun, Cape Wrath (MT)
Farthingstone Foot Fest , Big Black Mountain Challenge
18May14 Imerys Trail Marathon , Leaden Boot (OR) , North Norfolk Marathon, Wenlock Marathon
21May14 Forces March (all 5 days are now confirmed at 26.2+ miles)
22May14 Forces March (all 5 days are now confirmed at 26.2+ miles)
23May14 Forces March (all 5 days are now confirmed at 26.2+ miles)
24May14 Settle Saunter (OR), Forces March (all 5 days are now confirmed at 26.2+ miles)
25May14 FLYING FOX , Howgills Ultratrail 26, Forces March (all 5 days are now confirmed at 26.2+ miles) Weald Challenge Trail
31May14 Arun River Marathon
02Jun14 CORK
14Jun14 The Holly Challenge (Form), Baslow Boot Bash
15Jun14 Hardmoors 26.2 Series , Littledown , Stour Valley Marathon , Scafell Pike Trail
21Jun14 Trail Marathon Wales , Malvern Midsummer ,  Picnic ,
22Jun14 Cheltenham Challenge, Seabank
28Jun14 WATERFORD, Hamsterley Marathon
29Jun14 Wakefield Marathon , Coombe Abbey Running Festival , Herts Hobble (ldwa) Run Fest Wales , North Devon  (MT)
06Jul14 Lakeland Trails
12Jul14 Osmotherley Phoenix , Harden Hard'un , White Peak Walk , Ranscombe Challenge
13Jul14 WALES
20Jul14 The Stuart Wild Memorial Race, Fairlands Valley Challenge , Lions Bridge Marathon
26Jul14 Rock and Rowel
27Jul14 Bath Off Road Marathon
02Aug14 Callanish Stones Marathon
03Aug14 Dovedale Dipper (OR)
10Aug14 Hardmoors 26.2 Series , ISLE OF MAN, Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1
16Aug14 Lemmings Track Marathon
17Aug14 Cheddar Gorge (TR)
23Aug14 Thames Meander (MT)
24Aug14 GUERNSEY, Shipwrights Marathon (TBC) Sandwell Six Towns  , Northumberland Coast Marathon
25Aug14 Pathfinder
31Aug14 Halifax Marathon
04Sep14 Great Barrow Challenge
05Sep14 Great Barrow Challenge
06Sep14 HIGHLAND PERTHSHIRE  , Great Barrow Challenge , Hills & Dales , Aston Subedge, Somerset Levels & Moors
07Sep14 Delamere Ultratrail 26 (TR) KENT COASTAL , WOLVERHAMPTON , Great Barrow Challenge , Wye Valley , Chiltern

1) All marathons on the 'British Marathon List' above, are qualifying events in terms of 100 Marathon Club Statistics and qualification for membership.
2) Marathons of the exact distance of 26m 385yds, held in the United Kingdom and Ireland and predominantly on a road service, are classed as "ROAD Marathons".
3) For purposes of club statistics a "Track Marathon" can be classed as a "Road Marathon".
4) All other marathons are classed as "Trail Marathons".
5) All events on this list should hold a permit to include 'Public Liability Insurance'.
6) A list of excluded events can be found on the Excluded Events page.

(please contact us with any queries/additions/omissions/corrections)

2012 Members Challenge Competition.
Marathons that qualify are shown below in CAPITALS
 **Special rules apply to repeated series or events, eg. Windermere Brathay 10in10 & WEST OF IRELAND SERIES
(Track marathons do not count)

Race List Notes
209 2:09 Events
A Advertised in Running press
A'Hub AdventureHub Events
amb Ambition Events
Bsk Bustinskin Coastal Series
Bwf British Walking Federation
ELife EnduranceLife Coastal Trail Series
form Entry Form can be downloaded from this website (when current)
FR Fun Run/Non Permit race. Distance possibly not measured.
GbU Go Beyond Ultra Series
ldwa Listed in LDWA handbook.
MT Multi-Terrain, generally with some road sections
NC Date not yet confirmed
OR Off road. (LDWA Type event)
ORM Off-road marathon (ie. approx 26 miles - (LDWA type event)
Prov Provisional Date
Rrc RRC/TRA Race Directory
TR Trail. (may have some road sections)
TRA Trail Running Association Series
VO Votwo Challenge Series
W Walkers only, (W) - check if runners allowed!!
XNRG Extreme Energy Series
(+) Other distances { Times/Cost for Longer Race }
? Date and/or details not yet confirmed