The Challenges Page

This page belonged to Tad - so there may be a delay while we decide how to take this forward.

On this page you will find links to the various challenges you can take part in. Fed up with knocking out the same marathons each year, perhaps you should look for a new County ; a new Country ; a new State (USA); a new Province (Canada) or perhaps even a new Continent .

Take a look through the links, and see how many you can get to. If there is enough interest I will start to show the statistics, and maybe we can come up with special awards or t-shirts, as they do for completing the 50 States!

While the States , Provinces and Continents are pretty easy to define, the Countries (or Tad's Europe as it will be known), and Counties of the UK is not so easy.

Hence take the details of Countries and Counties to be a moving playing field, until we can all agree a final list.

Download Forms - Link to download competition forms & lists Updated - 13Jul12

UK & Ireland Counties - Rules Updated - 06Sep11

European Countries (Tad's Europe) - Rules and Country List

Continents, States & Provinces Rules & list of Continents, States & Canadian Provinces