The UK & Ireland Counties Marathon Challenge

Lifetime Challenge:

To complete races of marathon distance or longer in as many different counties of the United Kingdom and Ireland as possible.

Certificates and patches will be awarded when a members reaches 50, 75 or 100 different counties of the UK & Ireland.

Tad Lancucki Trophy:

To be presented annually to the 100 Marathon Club Member who has completed a marathon or ultra in the most different counties of the UK & Ireland in a calendar year.

County Cert 50. 118k JPGAims:

To encourage runners to enter UK & Ireland marathons and ultras they have not run before.

To encourage runners to support new UK & Ireland marathons and ultras.

To encourage runners who have only run road marathons to try the off-road and ultra experience.


1) A member must have completed a marathon or ultra as defined by the 100 Marathon Club in its rules.

2) To count a county the event route must have started, finished or passed through the claimed county.

3) A marathon or ultra can only be counted once. i.e. if the event starts in Kent and finishes in East Sussex then you can claim Kent or East Sussex not both.

4) The Lifetime Challenge and the Annual Tad Lancucki Trophy are totally separate. i.e. for an event that starts in Kent and finishes in East Sussex you could claim Kent for the Lifetime Challenge and East Sussex for the Tad Lancucki Trophy.

5) Once a member has submitted their list of 50, 75 or 100 counties then they cannot change those claimed counties.

6) Any event can only be claimed one time only, even if the route covers multiple counties and the event completed multiple times.

7) For multiple stage events the maximum number of counties claimed cannot exceed the number of marathons or ultras counted. For example the Trans Britian Race counts as one ultra, therefore only one county can be claimed. The XRNG Druid's Three Day Challenge counts as three marathons so a maximum of three counties can be claimed.

8) Races which no longer exist can still be claimed.

9) For some events that no longer exist or where the precise route isn't known then we will accept that the route passed through the claimed counties on the members honour.

10) For members to be considered for The Tad Lancucki Trophy they must submit their annual list of claimed counties at least a week before the 100 Marathon Club AGM.


Forms listing the counties are available in Word, PDF or Excel (simple version with automatic count) from the forms page.


The Counties  we have for Scotland are valid, and form part of the 109 overall that we recognise. We do recognise that Scotland does need to be re-investigated, but any county gained will not be removed from the member.


It can of course be quite difficult at times to recognise which county a marathon is in, but in most cases using ‘Google Maps' will give you the answer.

The islands, England, Northern Ireland & Ireland are all quite easy to recognise, nothing much has changed for a while. Scotland is a bit more difficult, and may need me to check if we are spot on. Wales is another matter, and if you look up ‘Principle Areas', ‘Preserved Areas', ‘Traditional Areas' etc etc, you will come up with a different answer each time.

Sometime ago, Tad & Myself, with help from Peter Burns, sat down to come up with a Welsh list that best represented how Wales was recognised by the Welsh. This doesn't mean that this can't be changed, or that it is perfectly correct, but at the moment I think this is a fair list.

You might have to look at more than one map at a time, but with the help of the details below, I believe you should be able to work out in which county a marathon (& ultra) is in. Remember that you can include a county if the marathon starts, finishes or goes through that county, but only one year at a time please.

The counties mentioned under the ‘Wales' column represent one county in our competition. Where there is a multi reference in the ‘Map Reference' column, these only recognise one county between them, but are the places you will be looking for.


So use my list and the map in conjunction, if that is not enough, then contact me on , and I will do my best to help. This also applies to any of the other countries in the competition. I'm prepared to look ay any members marathon list, and attempt to add missing ‘counties', as long as the member has made some effort to find them. As time passes, I would hope to build a reference file that would make the whole exercise a lot easier.


Map Reference











Glamorgan, Mid

1 – Merthyr Tydfil

2 - Caerphilly

9 – Bridgend

10 – Rhondda Cynon Taff

Glamorgan, South

7 – Cardiff

8 – The Vale of Glamorgan

Glamorgan, West

11 – Neath Fort Talbot

12 - Swansea


3 – Blaenau Gwent

4 – Torfaen

5 – Monmouthshire

6 - Newport



Isle of Angelsey