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Please note with immediate effect the Club's main email address is

Renwals for the year 1st April 2015 are now due - members should have received an email about the new membership software we are using, if not this can be viewed at http://eepurl.com/bhUJ39 . This is important! All members will need to be on this new membership database! Action is very likely required by you! The new online membership system can be accessed here.

Upcoming 100 Celebrations
Ed Mills - St Georges April 23
Elaine Dean - Caucus Run April 24
Emily Hannon - Fowlmead April 25
Colin Stark - London April 26
Piers Keenleyside - Richmond Park on May 17
Paul Bigmore - Dunkirk 75 Challenge on May 27
Andy Hoddle - Hare and Tortoise June 7
Paul Sahota - South Downs Marathon June 20
Paul Spooner - Chiltern Challenge July 11
Luretta Spearing - Dorset Invader July 18
David Parsons - Bacchus September 13
Paul Bridges - Chelmsford October 18
David Mould - Snowdon on October 24
Stefan Klincewicz - Agincourt 600th on November 27
Nick Cockburn - Broadmeadow on November 28
Clive Hearn - Waterloo 200th on December 5
Alexandra Portwine - Ranscombe Winter Challenge on January 16